Sister Quotes

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“Today we are apart from each other, but from heart, you are always with me my sister.”

Sister quotes

“Sister is our first friend and second mother.” – Sunny Gupta

“Because I know I wouldn’t be here where I am today, it is all because of you. Love you, my sister.”

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” — Marion Garretty

“At the same time you are my biggest supporter and most annoying one, but still you are my favourite sister.”

“I wish to travel the journey of life, by holding your hand and walking with me right. Love you, my sister.”

“A sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.”

“My partner in crime, my midnight companion, my teacher is none other than my beloved sister.”

“Everything might be fake, but a love of a sister is eternal and pure.”

“My first best friend is you, and I can never get rid of you. No matter how much we fight we will always be together. Love you, my sister.”

“Since childhood, the girl who is very close to my heart is my sister, and no one can replace her.”

“We fight, we argue, we judge and point out each other’s mistake, but still we sit and live together by creating the best moments together.”

“Helping one another is a part of the religion of sisterhood.”

“You possess that magical power that can turn my sadness into happiness instantly.”

“You are the one who knows me better than anyone in this whole world.”

“No matter friends leave me, my lover leaves me, but you are the only one who will be there by my side forever. Thank you, my sister.”

“You might have thousands of friends, but one loyal sister is equal to all.”

sister quotes

Our roots says we are brother and sister and our heart says that we are friends.””

sister quotes

“A sister is both your mirror and your opposite.”- Elizabeth Fishel

sister quotes

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden to the meaning of life– Isadora James”

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