World Literacy Day Significance, Objective

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With a view to show the importance of education in the world and to eliminate illiteracy, it was decided on 17th November 1965 that 8 September would be celebrated every year as World Literacy Day.

The first world literacy day was celebrated in 1966 and the year 2009 – 2010 was declared as a United Nations literacy decade. Since then till today September 8 is celebrated as World literacy Day all over the world.

The question arises how is this celebrated. Elsewhere ceremonies are organized and speeches are given on literacy and somewhere, poor settlements are tried to awaken education.

Somewhere only the figures of literacy and illiteracy are called to attract public attention. But this year it is not all. The data has been filled in the main articles of social media and literacy Day.

This time we start with understanding rather than explaining or explaining. Let’s start with a new one on literacy Day we make a vow to offer sacrifices in the Yagya, which has been done for years for the promotion of education, but its flame is not burning as fast. It is not necessary that we have to start with some big work. The sacrifices are small but the significance and purpose of the Yogaya are large. In the same way, our small efforts are also able to take a big shape at times.

World Literacy Day

If you are unable to teach a poor child at home, then you can make arrangements to go to school by forming a small group with the people of your area. By taking some time you can witness the importance of education among those backward areas and people, where education is the necessary wages and knowledge is the food required.

You can make the section deprived of the light of knowledge realize that there is no age to receive an education. You can at least share information about the government’s education schemes which with your little effort can light a new lamp in the dark life. Because education is more important for self-development than employment or money.

The country and civilization that has adopted knowledge have been discovered at a unique pace and history is witness to this fact.

It is very difficult to describe the importance of education in words and hence every year, September 8 is celebrated as World Literacy Day.

Education is very important for the country and society. Literacy means being educated means being endowed with the ability to read and write.

Illiteracy is similar to darkness and literacy is similar to light. Therefore it is very important for the person to be literate, so that the person has knowledge of his fundamental rights and duties and can properly carry out his rights and obligations towards society, as well as it is very important for civil society to be educated.

World Literacy Day is celebrated to promote human consciousness towards human development, rights, and literacy.

Like food, literacy is also very important to live a successful life. An educated person has the ability to enhance the prestige of the family and the country and this day is celebrated to get an education and make people aware of education.

Meaning ¬ literacy means not only reading and writing but it is a subject related to respect opportunity and development. In the world education and knowledge is the necessary medium to lead a better life. Today literacy as a big obstacle in the progress of the country.

An objective – The main purpose of literacy Day is to encourage the new literates. World Literacy Day is an important day for us because education is very important in our lives. There is less female literacy in our country than men. We have to take a resolution today that every person should become literate no one should be illiterate. We have to drive literacy from here.

Academic history – India’s educational history is very rich in ancient times education was given in oral form by sages and sages. After the development of the alphabet, education began to be written and writing on the banquet and the bark of trees. Due to this written literature began to develop and spread in India.

Education in the country became available to the masses along with the promotion of Buddhism. The establishment of world-renowned education institutes like Nalanda, Vishwakarma, Takshila played an important role in the promotion of education. Literacy is a major need for people to develop vocational skills.

Spread education – India in the British European missionaries from the arrival of the Spanish to promote education. Since then the Western system has continued to spread in India. At present, there are many universities in thousand of related colleges in India for teaching all subjects. India has made its place among the world’s leading countries providing higher quality education.

Literacy Campion – India can also become 100 percent literate.
The day of literacy Day makes us think, why are we not 100% literate. If Kerala left side the condition of the remaining States cannot be said to be very good. how many campaigns were run by the government of India for increasing literacy like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, mid-day meal scheme, adult education scheme, Rajiv Gandhi literacy mission, etc. but success was not achieved as expected.

In a mid-day meal where food was arranged in schools to attract children, children come to school but they do not come to study and eat. Teachers are busy in making food instead of studying. In our country, the official who knows how to write his name is literate. The scam that occurs at the time of collecting data is not hidden from anyone If literacy figures are collected correctly 64.9% of people in the country may not be literate. Even if the government figures are to be believed only 75.3 % of men and 53.7% of women in India are literate.

When we celebrate World literacy Day?

We celebrate World literacy Day on 8 September.

Why we celebrate World literacy Day?

We celebrate World literacy Day for knowing importance of education and literacy.

When we start to celebrate World literacy Day?

We started the World literacy Day celebration since the year 1966.

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